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West Virginia

Local Government

County seat: Berkeley Springs

Incorporated municipalities: Town of Bath (known by the Post Office name of Berkeley Springs) & Paw Paw. Both governed by town councils and mayors elected for two year terms. Although it is the county seat, there is no municipality or official structure to Berkeley Springs, it is however the name universally used for the town and surrounding area.

Town of Bath
271 Wilkes Street, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
phone 304-258-1102
email: townofbath@wvdsl.net

Council members:

Scott Merki, Mayor, 271 Wilkes Street, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

Vincent Kidwell, Recorder, 185 Wilkes St, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411 540-664-0298; vincekidwell@yahoo.com

Kenny Easton, PO Box 89, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
304-671-0090; kceaston@msn.com

Andrew Swaim, 107 Rockwell St, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

Peace White, 271 Wilkes St., Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
304-258-6432; asst5@aol.cm

Elizabeth Skinner, 351 S. Washington St, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411 304-258-7920; skinnerea@gmail.com

Rick Weber, 50 First Church St, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
304-258-1474; rww@access.k12.wv.us

Morgan County is governed by three county commissioners elected to serve staggered six year terms. Commissioners usually meet twice a month on Thursdays 9:30 am. They meet in the Commission Room on the Courthouse. Call 304-258-8540 for schedule.

This body oversees the county budget, establishes local ordinances, hears appeals from various commissions, appoints members to county boards and commissions and levies local taxes.

Morgan County Elected Officials:

Commissioners: Brad Close, president; Joel Tuttle, Bob Ford.
77 Fairfax Street, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Office phone number 304-258-8540.

Sheriff/Treasurer: Vincent Shambaugh
Chief Tax Deputy: Kim Michael
Tax collection 304-258-8562.
Treasurer duties include collection of:
Real and Personal Property Tax, Ambulance Fees, Fire Fees and Motor Vehicle Registration Renewals
Law enforcement: 304-258-1067.

County Clerk: Debra Kesecker
77 Fairfax Street, Suite 1A, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Office Services: Document Recordings, Marriage Licenses and Certifications, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates,
Hunting and Fishing Licenses, Voter Registration,
Administering of Estates(Probate Office), County Financing, County Payroll, Delinquent Land, Justification of Surety.

Assessor: Ronald McIntire
Chief Deputy: Debbie Weaver
77 Fairfax Street, Room 103, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
The Office of the Morgan County Assessor is charged with appraising the value of all real and personal property owned by individuals and companies within Morgan County. The appraised value is used to calculate the property taxes assessed on each parcel of property.

Prosecuting Attorney: Debra MCLaughlin
The Morgan County Prosecuting Attorney’s office has a program to assist victims of crimes; full time staff is available to assist you with any questions or concerns. The office is located at: 77 Fairfax Street, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411 304-258-8621.

Circuit Judge: Gina Groh and John Yoder are the main judges for Morgan County. Other judges for the tri-county circuit are: David Sanders, Gray Silver, Thomas Steptoe and Christopher Wilkes. Glen Stotler serves as family court judge.

Circuit Court Clerk: Kimberly Hanback
77 Fairfax Street, Suite 2F, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411 304-258-8554
The Circuit Clerk of Morgan County is responsible for recording and maintaining all Circuit and Family Court records concerning the following: Civil Cases, Juvenile Cases, Divorce Cases, Restitution Payments, Court Appointment to Criminal Cases, Mental Hygiene, Criminal Cases, Magistrate Appeals Civil and Criminal, Felonies, Jury Duty, Foreign Support Cases, Custody and Child Support Cases, Guardianships, Adoptions, Name Changes,
Infant Guardianship/Settlement, Supreme Court Appeals Forfeiture and Civil Appeals.

Magistrate: Kermit Ambrose 304-258-8635
Magistrate: Gregory L. Miller 304- 258-8633

Issues arrest and search warrants, Hears misdemeanor cases, Conducts preliminary examinations in felony cases, Hears civil cases with $5,000 or less in dispute, Issues Emergency Domestic Protection Orders.

Morgan County Administrator: Jody McClintock
77 Fairfax Street, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411. 304-258-8540

Planning Commission: Jack Soronen, chair. Alma Gorse, county planner, 304-258-8540.

Economic Development Authority: Beth Curtin, chair. William Clark, executive director
77 Fairfax Street, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
The Morgan County Economic Development Authority provides assistance in all areas of project development, including providing information, identifying sites and buildings and assisting with financing and incentive packages.

Board of Health: Sandy Bienen, chair. Margie Allgyer, administrator. Health Department, 187 South Green Street, Berkeley Springs,WV 25411 304-258-1513.

Warm Springs Public Service District Board: Paul Zorich, chair. Scott Crunkleton, manager. The WSPSD meets every 2nd Wednesday at 3:30 PM in the Morgan County Commission Meeting Room. 304-258-4118.

Building Commission: For information 304-258-8540. Members: Tom Shade, Amy Lane & Barbara Tudor

Public Library Board: Nina Schwartz, chair. Larry Springer, head librarian. Library, 105 Congress Street, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411 304-258-3350.

Parks & Recreation Board: Aaron Close,acting chair. For information call 304-258-8540. Meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Morgan County Rescue Squad. Meetings are open to the public.

Solid Waste Authority: Bennett Lentezner, chair. Ellen Smith, co-ordinator. Office, 304-258-8718.The Solid Waste Authority Board meets the second Wednesday of each month at 10 am. The meetings are held at the Parish House of the St. Mark's Episcopal Church on Washington Street.

Fire Board: James Steiner, Chair, 304-258-8567.

County Emergency Services: David Michael, director.
38 Dispatch Lane, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

Farmland Protection Board: Lin Dunham, chair. For information 304-258-8540.
The West Virginia Voluntary Farmland Protection Program was enacted in 2000 by a unanimous vote of the West Virginia State Legislature. This law has enabled the Morgan County Farmland Protection Board (MCFPB) to develop a program adapted specifically to protect the agriculture lands of Morgan County. The cornerstone of the program is the purchase or donation of conservation easements designed to provide stability for future agricultural enterprise. Funding for the program comes from local land transfer fees, federal grants, special appropriations and private donations.

West Virginia University Extension Office: Denis Scott, extension agent, 304-258-8400.

State legislative districts: 51st & 52nd Delegate districts. Legislators elected for two-year terms. 15th State Senatorial district. Two Senators elected for six-year terms. 2nd U.S. Congressional district.

Voting Information:

Residents must register to vote and may do so at the Morgan County Courthouse. Voters in all elections must be 18 years old. To be eligible, register at Courthouse at least 30 days prior to an election. Register in the precinct in which you live. Party affiliations may be changed before a primary election at the County Clerk's office.

Absentee ballots are available for those unable to vote in person the day of the election. These ballots must be submitted before election day to be valid but will not be counted until election day. Early voting is also available during certain days and hours at the local courthouse.


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