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Morgan County Property Taxes
All property owners are liable for property taxes, both real estate and personal. These property taxes include school taxes. Property within municipalities is taxed at a higher rate ($1.3406 per $100 of assessed value). Outside the city limits, $1.1366 per $100 of assessed value. Check current rates at the Assessor's office in the courthouse complex.

A two-installment payment plan is available for residents as well as a discount for payment prior to September 1.

Property is classified as follows for assessment purposes:

Class I. - Personal property used in agriculture (including livestock), notes bonds, bills, accountr receivable assessed at an average of 60% of market value.
Class II. - Real estae (homes and farms) used for residential purposes which are owner occupied assessed at 60% of market value.
Class III. - Industrial and commercial real estate, rental properties, vacant land; property such as cars, business equipment and furniture assessed at 60% of market value.
Class IV. - All real and personal property located inside municipalities, exclusive of Classes I. and II. assessed at 60% of market value.

Personal property includes automobiles, farm equipment, livestock, campers, motorcycles, above ground swimming pools, golf carts, and business equipment. Contact the Assessor's office 304-258-8570 for additional information on tangible personal property.

Assessments are made as of July 1st of each year and are the basis of your tax bill for the following year. Assessments are at 60% of market value. Taxes are paid on a calendar year, half due by the end of August, the second half due by the end of February.

West Virginia homestead exemption: exemption from the first $20,000 of assessed value of a homestead for those persons at least 65 years old, or certified as being totally and permanently disabled. One must also have lived in West Virginia for two annual consecutive years & apply between July 1-Oct 1 to qualify for the exemption.

Dog tax: $3-county, $6-corporate limits.

Properties are appraised by an elected Assessor, 304-258-8570 and collected by an elected Sheriff.

Total assessed value of Morgan County real estate, public utilities and personal property fiscal 2011 - $1,070,883,204

No local income or sales taxes.

West Virginia state income tax is based on your Federal returns. The minimum rate of 3 % applies to income up to $10,000 and the maximum rate 6.5% on income over $60,000, no itemized deductions.Under age 65, there is an exemption for federal and some state pensions of up to $2,000 per taxpayer and a full exemption for those in the state and local police, sheriffs and firefighter's pension system. For those age 65 and better, there is an exemption of up to $8,000 in all income. Social Security benefits subject to federal tax are taxable.
For more detailed information call the state tax department at 1-800-982-8297 or find them online at wv.gov/residents/Pages/taxes

Tax forms are available at your public library or the West Virginia State Tax Department Eastern Regional Office, 397 Mid-Atlantic Parkway, Suite 2, Martinsburg, WV 25401, phone 304-267-0022.

West Virginia State sales tax: State Sales Tax: 6% (prescription drugs exempt). Food taxed at 2%. Seniors age 60 and older are eligible for the Golden Mountaineer Discount Card that can be used for pharmaceutical discounts, retail and professional discounts. To apply or obtain more information, call 304-558-3317 or 877-987-3646.

Estate tax: None, except for the state's "pickup" portion of the federal tax applicable to estates over $2 million.


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